Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10th-15th of August

The Norwegian Wind Ensemble in close collaboration with SIM (NYC) and the Norwegian State Academy of Music is proud to offer a second round of musings and perspectives on the state of modern improvisational music.

During one week of intense workshops and orchestral labs the NWE, SIM and NAM will offer a completely unique working environment for the aspiring performer and/or composer.

This year´s symposium will include Ralph Alessi (trp), Tyshawn Sorey (prc) and Andy Milne (pno/kbd) from the SIM-side. NAM will offer up Morten Halle (sx), Lisa Dillan (vox) and Geir Lysne (sx/composition), as well as Ivar Frounberg and Peter Tornquist (composers) from the composition dept.

Once again it seems that the idea draws a crowd, and a limit of approx.35 students has been set to ensure quality. More news to follow.

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