Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SUCCESS, again!

The Norwegian State Academy, The Norwegian Wind Ensemble and School for Improvisational Music pulled it off again; a successful one-week symposium is a fact.

Students from Australia, Canada, Cuba(!), Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the US met up in Oslo for the world´s most unique and engaging new-music experience.

Faculty Ralph Alessi, Andy Milne and Tyshawn Sorey from SIM in Brooklyn, as well as faculty Morten Halle, Lisa Dillan, Ivar Frounberg and Geir Lysne from NAM; were all pleased with the outcome of the second IRMS; and we all agree that this has to become an annual event. The 3rd time is always a charm, and we are now planning for IRMS 2010.

Here is a quote by Maryse Gattegno, one of this year´s returning students, a fine composer and performer:

- A particular word to the musicians of Tyshawn's group: THANKS!!!!!! I have listened to what we have done on Friday evening and it's so great. You know, when we are performing it's so hard to be in the inside pleasure and the outside one, listening the others. Wow. I have discovered some beautiful stuff and beautiful musicians too. And thanks for the recorders Zoom and Edirol. And so so so many thanks to Tyshawn, you are so full of music -

For 2010 we would like to see more composers send in scores earlier for pre-qualification, so that we can screen even better and come up with strong works early in the process. For composers out there, send your 3-5min pdf scores/sketches to geir@lysne.no for early pre-qual.

We´ll be back with more information on 2010, later this fall. Stay tuned.