Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NWE and Matt Postle at Huddersfield

By happy accident (luck is being ready when opportunity arises...), The NWE will be visiting Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival 2008 with a new piece for the NWE and POING, by Eivind Buene, alongside one of the student participants at this year´s IRMS; Matt Postle.

From what we understand, Matt Postle will be performing a solo recital at this year´s HCMF, alongside of the NWE´s premiere of Buene´s custom creation for NWE and POING.

Matt attended the first IRMS in August, and performed as improvising soloist with the NWE, based on student composer Agnes Pettersen´s piece "Grums", during the symposium.

Maybe Huddersfield will allow an encore?

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